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The city of Toledo, capital of the province with the same name, is one of the top tourist destinations in Spain. Its historical quarter, the largest in our country, has more than a hundred monuments, providing ample reason for Toledo's being named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

Toledo is located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, only 70 km from Madrid (80 km from Barajas International Airport). It is the seat of the autonomous government and capital of the Autonomous Community of Castile-La Mancha).

  • Population: 75.533 inhabitants
  • Altitude: 532 meters
  • Latitude: 39º 51º N
  • Longitude: 4º 1º W

The city of Toledo

Toledo has more than two thousand years of history and is a clear example of the fusion and coexistence of cultures from all eras: Celtic-Iberian city, important urbis Romae, capital of the Visigoth kingdom, focus of rebellion against the Caliphate of Cordoba during the Muslim regime, intellectual and cultural centre in the 12th and 13th centuries, cradle of Mudejar, capital of the Empire with Charles I, metropolitan capital of the Spanish Church, protector and inspiration of El Greco.

In its historic quarter, a true city-museum, the visitor can admire many interesting places and museums, all of which are well worth a visit, such as

  • Alcázar (Fortress)
  • Convento de Santo Domingo el Antiguo - Convent of Santo Domingo. See website
  • Hospital de Talavera | Museo Duque de Lerma - Talavera Hospital and Duque de Lerma Museum
  • Iglesia de los Jesuitas, Iglesia de San Román, Iglesia de Santo Tomé - Jesuit, San Roman and Santo Tome Churches
  • Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz y Mezquita de Tornerías - Cristo de la Luz and Tornerias Mosques
  • Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes - San Juan de los Reyes Monastery
  • Puerta de Alfonso VI, Puerta de Bisagra, Puerta del Cambrón, Puerta del Sol - Alfonse VI, Bisagra, Cambron and Sol Gates
  • Puente de San Martín - Bridge of San Martin
  • Sinagoga de Santa María la Blanca - Santa Maria la Blanca Synagogue See website
  • Sinagoga del Tránsito | Museo Sefardí - Transito Synagogue and Sephardic Museum See website
  • Museo de los Concilios Visigodos - Visigoth Council Museum See website
  • Museo de El Greco - El Greco Museum See website
  • Museo de San Marcos - San Marcos Museum See website
  • Museo de Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz Museum See website
  • Museo de Victorio Macho - Victorio Macho Museum See website
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