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Via T / Automated toll collection

The AP-41 toll motorway has the most advanced payment systems, making it possible to cover the entire journey between Madrid and Toledo without stoppinf: the Via T automated toll collection system.

Automated toll collection is a system that makes it possible to pay on the motorway without needing to stop the vehicle or use money or cards, avoiding stops at the booths. Heavy vehicles can also use it, although they must go through the manual lanes. The Via-T lanes are only valid for light vehicles.

To use this payment system, the vehicle must be provided with a device called a TAG or OBE (on-board equipment) which is placed on the windscreen next to the rear view mirror to assure correct operation.

In short, the system is interoperable and any vehicle with a Via-T TAG can use it on our motorway as well as on any other that indicates the presence of the system.


Fast Payment is made while circulating at 40 km/h
Easy The reading is made directly from the TAG
Safe Avoids distractions while paying
Savings Discount policy for frequent use
Information and control Expenses reflected in bank statements
Future Compatibility with other European motorways
Environment Eliminates smoke emission

¿How does it work?

The vehicle approaches the automated toll collection lane at a maximum speed of 40 km/h

The antenna and the transmitter exchange a signal and the system identifies the titleholder of the device installed in the car

The system charges the cost of the toll to the user's bank account

The signal light goes to green and the bar raises

Operation video

Click here to see a video of the Via-T to see how the system operates.

ver mas See a video

The vehicle comes closer Telepeaje's route a maximum speed of 40km/h Antenna and transmitter interchange a sign to identify the device of the vehicle The system loads the amount of the toll in the bill of the subscriber Barrier rising to allow the step of the vehicle
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