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Safety on the motorway

The AP-41 system brings together the latest technology in road safety such as emergency call boxes, cameras, variable message panels, meteorological stations, a control centre and a human and technical support team.

Emergency call boxes

Postes S.O.S.

84 call boxes. There is a service box with IP interphone and two cameras filming both the caller and the surrounding area every 1,800 m along the entire route.



A total of 16 motorised cameras located at strategic points make it possible to control the motorway vigilantly.

VMP (Variable Message Panel)

PMV - Panel de Mensajería variable

13 variable message panels and 3 banners. From a distance of more than 200 m our variable message panels inform the user of the state of the motorway at all times.



Our two meteorological stations have the latest technology sensors issuing alerts about atmospheric conditions in the area, providing advance information about different conditions considered to be dangerous: lack of visibility due to fog, rain, snow, the formation of ice, wind strength and direction, etc.

All this information is transmitted from the traffic control centre to the message panels to warn drivers and mobilise the necessary resources.

Control centre

Centro de Control

We have a 24 hour service, 365 days of the year where highly qualified personnel watch over the safety of the users from the motorway screen centre.

Vehicles and support personnel

Vehículos y personal de apoyo

A complete flotilla of professional and specialised vehicles periodically undertakes tasks to maintain and preserve the motorway and guarantee its permanent quality. In addition, these vehicles provide necessary support to users in case of emergency (tow trucks, ambulances, etc.)

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